Boo’s paintings act as a visual diary and a way of recording her everyday walks and journeys through the landscape.  When walking we absorb the sights, sounds and smells and they come together to form a very strong memory of place. Our minds can drift and wander yet we are very much in the present.  Memories of a repeated walk along a known pathway, the distant horizon, the dramatic changes of colour and light from one moment to the next, day to day, season to season, these immersive encounters with the natural world form the starting point of Boo’s paintings.  

Some paintings remain very close to their origins, hinting at a place visited or remembered.  These paintings are often smaller and more gestural, translating an idea quickly and embracing chance and accident.  Other paintings evolve slowly and are reworked, building up the surface organically and allowing Boo to translate ambiguous images into new compositions.  They are still about a visual encounter with the landscape yet there is a process of simplification, allowing her to explore colour and abstraction and to move intuitively between the real and the imaginary.   This ambiguity allows the viewer the freedom to put their own interpretation into the paintings and be reminded of their own experiences of being within the landscape.


June 21  ‘In Contrast’, Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol

May 21 ‘Sea Breeze & Sirens’, Hatch Gallery, Christchurch

April 21, Spring Exhibition, Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol

April 21, Hampshire Spring Art Fair, Nadia Waterfield Fine Art

Feb 21 ‘Interpretations of Landscape’, Highgate Contemporary, London 

Dec 20 Christmas Exhibition, Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol

Nov 20, Hampshire Autumn Art Fair, Nadia Waterfield Fine Art

Oct 20, ‘Coast’, Hatch Gallery, Christchurch

June 20, ‘Works on Paper’ (online) Highgate Contemporary, London

May 20 Hampshire Art Fair, Nadia Waterfield Fine Art (virtual)

April 20 ‘Discerning Eye’ Hatch Gallery, Christchurch (virtual)

Jan 20 London Art Fair, Hatch Gallery, Christchurch 

December 19 ‘Winter Treats’ Highgate Contemporary, London

December 19 Lime Tree Gallery Christmas show

November 19 Lime Tree Gallery, AAF Singapore

October 19 Lime Tree Gallery, AAF Hampstead

October 19 Sarah Sclater Art, Dorset

June 19 Lime Tree Summer exhibition, Bristol

March 19 Lime Tree Gallery AAF New York

Dec 18 Lime Tree Christmas show Bristol and

Nov 18  Hatch Gallery, ‘Deep Mid Winter’

Oct 18 Hatch Gallery ,AAF Battersea

June 18 Lime TreeGallery Summer Exhibition, Bristol

March 18 Lime Tree Gallery AAF Hampstead

November 17 Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol

November 17 Hatch Gallery, Christchurch ‘Winter Solace’

September 17 Affordable Art Fair, Bristol

June 17 Highgate Contemporary Art, Summer show

March 17 Hatch Gallery, Affordable Art Fair, London

January 17 Bath Contemporary, Featured Artist

December 16 Lighthouse Poole ‘The  Elements’

November 16 Portmanteau Gallery, Bridport

March 16 Highgate Contemporary Art, Three Person Show

Jan 16 Bath Contemporary, Winter Show

Jan 16 Hatch Gallery, Christchurch, ‘Out of the Dark’

Dec 15 Highgate Contemporary, Christmas show

Dec 15 Bath Contemporary ‘Works on Paper’

June – Oct 15 The Art House Gallery, St Ives

March 15 Highgate Contemporary Spring show

Oct 14 Bath Contemporary, ‘Approaching Abstraction’

Sept 14 Affordable Art Fair, Bristol

Sept 14  Sladers Yard, Dorset, ‘Radiance’ 

June 14 The Art House, St Ives, Cornwall

May 14 Sladers Yard, Dorset ‘Dorset Now’

March 14 Highgate Contemporary, London ‘Land, Sea, Sky’

Feb 14 Hadfield Fine Art, Cheltenham

Oct 13 Hadfield Fine Art, Cheltenham

Aug 13 Bath Contemporary

July 13 The Art House Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall

June 13 Solo show, Artwave West

April 13 Affordable Art Fair, Bristol

Feb 13 Junction Art Gallery, Woodstock, Oxon

Nov 12 Affordable Art Fair, London

Nov 12 Highgate Contemporary, ‘Wessex Landscapes’

Oct 12 Hadfield Fine Art, Cheltenham
Oct – Dec12 Artwave West, Dorset
Sept 12 Beadyeye Art, Sheffield
June – Oct 12 The Art House Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall
July 12 Bath Contemporary, summer show
May 12 Dorset Art Weeks

March 12 Artwave West, Dorset
March 12 Affordable Art Fair Bristol, Hadfield Fine Art 


Feb 12 Hadfield Fine Art, Winter

Dec 11 Artwave West, Dorset

Dec 11 Bath Contemporary, Christmas show
Nov 11 Highgate Contemporary, London 

Nov 11 Affordable Art Fair, London
Oct 11 Hadfield Fine Art, Cheltenham
June 11 Summer Exhibition, Hadfield Fine Art, Cheltenham 

June 11 ‘ Five Ways Art’, Abergavenney
May 11 The Affordable Art Fair, Bristol
March 11 Beadyeye Art, Sheffield
March 11 Artwave West, Dorset
Feb 11 Spring exhibition, Hadfield Fine Art, Cheltenham 

Jan 11 Bath Fine Art

October 10 Artwave West Gallery, Dorset
July 10 Beaminster Arts Festival
June 10 Dorset Art Weeks
March 10 Bath Fine Art ‘A Sense of Place’
Dec 09 Artwave West Gallery, Dorset
July 09 Artwave West Gallery, Dorset